Sunday, January 31, 2010

Long Day for One Case

Melcher and I started our shift with a plan to do follow up on a case he is working. But instead we got into a call for a man with a gun in Colfax. We were about one block away and watched the scene from a distance. When we saw another police car there we went in. We helped with back up until the scene was cleared. Then I got a case that started out as something that it wasn't. When I talked to the RP it was something a lot more than someone getting beat up.

So I contacted our supervisor and he helped Melcher and I with interviews, collecting evidence, and writing a search warrant. I learned a ton doing this case. Many of these things were newer to me in a larger case. The supervisor took the lead but he included us in all the steps along the way.

We worked the case until two in the morning and then we were to come back at ten o'clock the next day to continue the investigation. Melcher and I both were thankful for all the instruction we received from the supervisor. In all we spend nine hours on the case today.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Non-Structure Fire Event

I slept in until around eleven. That is the norm for me these days. I have been going to bed around four in the morning and getting up around eleven. I got into this habit when I got the new computer and I was working on getting it set up and I have been this way for about a week and a half. I need to get back to getting to bed earlier.

I worked with Derek on his engineer stuff. We drove around for a while and I had him getting into tighter areas. We also did some stuff with pumping. As we were cleaning up the area around the tower we ended up getting a call for a structure fire. I drove to the scene. It turned out to be a small oven fire that was out and smoked the place up pretty good.

I work on the SR website a little bit. I got some of the client-side error scripting take care of. It was a slower day over all. I was on engine and we didn't get any calls for the engine to roll on.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Great, Wonderful Mood

After getting up this morning I was in great and wonderful mood. I don't know what it was, but I wasn't tired. And I also felt so great. So happy. Just in a good mood. I ran some errands around town including meeting with a PPD officer about a stop I was involved with recently. He asked me to do a report on it. I went to the fire station and spoke with Heston for a little bit while I was there.

I was working for Peter tonight on Rescue. I went to the fire station to get on Spillman to get some of the work completed that I needed to do. While I was getting things done I was asked if I would go help out at the basketball game because only one person was available. I said I would. I had to run home and get ready. I went straight to Beasley. The Coug women lost to the Huskies. It was a good game. They went to overtime.

After that was done I went home and got a couple things done on the computer before I went to the station. When I was there I got the things completed on Spillman and went to the dayroom where Pritch and Mully were watching TV. I sat down to watch with them. While there we were dispatched to a call. When it was done I went home.

I was there for a while when we got another call. While on the way to the hospital we were toned to a person down. We knew the call was coming in because of listening to the police. We were first on scene because we were about a block away when the tones actually hit. I took patient care to start the call. It turned out to be a release.

We got another call at the PD before we were done. Then we went to the hospital and picked up Mully. When we got back to the station that was going to be it for the night for us. It was after three in the morning. I stayed up until five watching some videos on YouTube.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

No Oral Board

This afternoon I went to the fire station and met with the new station committee about getting some plans created for a new fire station. We talked about the things we needed and sizes they need to be. There is a student from WSU who is going to help us with the plan.

I went home and got my uniform on. I went to the SO. I was going to work with Ross tonight. I also had a coroner's meeting and the plan was to have an oral board to go to first class. The coroner's meeting was shorter than normal. We covered our on call schedule. We also covered some stuff with the chaplain.

I went to the report writing room and waited for Cooper to show up for the oral board. But he was dealing with other issues on the road. While waiting a call for service came in. I was told to go handle it by the sergeant. It was a transport from the hospital to the person's home. I took care of that.

When I got back to the station Cooper asked if I was done for the night. I said no. He said then get Ross and go get him an arrested. He said if I had to go to Pullman to get an MIP to do it. We headed into Pullman and ran around looking for something. We were not able to find anything. We made a lot of stops, but there was not a lot of people moving around.

We ended the night with a stop. I could smell intoxicants. We ended up doing SFST's and the person did fine. I cut the person loose and we left Pullman. We tried hard, but were not able to find anything.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Melcher and I on the Road Again

Melcher and I hit the road again tonight. I really like working with him. He will make a very good full-time cop when he gets hired on.

We did some traffic and he got a couple stops and tickets. Plus he got an arrest for a suspended driver. I took over driving. We went to Hooper and Hay. Then back towards Uniontown. We were working on serving papers. We had one down there and one in Pullman. Then we went to dinner. I called Lambley to invite her. We also had the other full-time guys join us. When dinner was done we worked a juvenile problem.

Then we went to a possible violation of a no-contact order. We were not able to get enough information while investigating that. We also couldn't find the suspect. So that was left open.

That was the end of our night. We went back to the SO and then I gave him a ride home.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fun Night of Poker

This evening I was in Colfax for training. It was EVAP refresher. With being on two departments many times I get the same training from both departments. That is just the way it is. I have considered reducing my weekly requirements by leaving Colfax Fire. But as of right now I am not going to do that.

After training we had a great night playing poker. We had a full table and a ton of laughs. We had some new blood as well as the regulars. I was only able to stay until around nine-thirty because I had to be back in Pullman because I was on call tonight as well. I am only on engine and we didn't have any calls for the engine.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Bowling with the Fire Guys.

I got some good work completed on the signup process for the SR website. But because of what happened this weekend I am still not a happy camper. I was able to get everything wired up and running. The sign up process is roughly done. I want to work on client side error checking next.

We had training tonight at the fire station. It was EMS training. It was pretty short and sweet. Following training a group of us went to Zeppoz. I didn't get there until later because I worked on getting the photoboard updated and completed.

When I got there I talked with Chapman about some engineering stuff. People were drinking and having a great time. About eight of them decided to go bowling. I did bowl, but I hung out and took photos with Tim's camera. I ended up taking about two hundred shots all together. I got some really funny candid shots. I would like to see some of them at some point.